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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

MM Digital Asset Group

MM Digital Asset Group offers Blockchain Back-Office (BBO) accounting services; outsourced Blockchain CFO services for digital asset businesses;
personal portfolio tracking for cryptocurrency investors & traders; and creating various blockchain accounting curriculums for Wiley, an international publishing company.

As it relates to our BBO services, we partner with Gilded, who is the leading digital asset payment and accounting solution and are backed by the AICPA and

MM Digital Asset Group is your complete accounting department from clerk to CFO.

If you are utilizing blockchain technology in your business, we want to be your single source for all tax, accounting and structuring. We believe deeply in bridging the gap between the old and new world of accounting.

We are CPAs that believe blockchain technology will transform the accounting profession in a profound way. Therefore, we relentlessly pursue educating ourselves, our clients, and our profession in this revolutionary technology.

Awards we have won: Participated in various programs that educated CPA professionals as well as college students majoring in accounting. The first program that we participated in was the “TrueUp Blockchain Challenge”. The challenge ran for two weeks and brought together 183 students, grouped into teams of 3, representing over 34 different universities, plus accounting and audit professionals from over 30 different firms across the U.S., including 13 of the top 50 CPA firms on Accounting Today’s Top 100 Firms list. We are proud to say that we were one of the two first place winners in this challenge (Team TU053 – Winner of Block #2). Click here for more information. 

MM Digital Asset Group Brochure

MM Blockchain Advisory, LLC

We offer blockchain and cryptocurrency advisory services through our wholly owned affiliate MM Blockchain Advisory, LLC (MMBA), including Proof of Concept development; creating various blockchain curriculums for an international publishing company; and research pertaining to emerging blockchain technology and related platforms.